About the Camp Director

Ron Furst comes from a background of over 35 years of camping and trip leadership experience. Ron has a master's degree from Boston University in psychological counseling and is a graduate of the Outward Bound School's Instructors Program. He is married to Diane Taylor Furst, a teacher and children's librarian. They have two children, Asa and Peter.

Camp Hawthorne is one of the oldest running camps in America, first established in 1919. I bought Camp Hawthorne in 1986 with my wife because I wanted to create a summer camp that meets the emotional and recreational needs for the current generation of children. I have continued to operate and grow Camp Hawthorne for over 22 summers. We are a non-competitive camp with a very creative atmosphere and a relaxed family environment. We are very proud of our success and wish to share our unique style of camping with new families.

If you have had the opportunity to visit a few summer camps, you might be struck by the very different atmosphere at each camp. At Camp Hawthorne we pride ourselves on community, friendliness and encouraging personal growth through risk-taking in a safe and supportive environment.

The feelings of joy and community that kids experience at summer camp are difficult to transmit in a brochure or website. It is important to give parents an opportunity to talk to other camp families in you area. They are better qualified to share with you the positive impact our camp has had on their children. Please call me once you know which programs and session(s) you might be interested in, so I can best match you up with past camp families to chat with.

What Parents Want

  • Experienced Camp Directors: Ron Furst has been running Camp Hawthorne for 22+ years, and has advanced degrees in psychology and education.
  • Experienced Counselors: Our staff are college age or older and we experience an 80% return rate.
  • An Affordable Camp: We work very hard to keep the costs down and provide a program that is open to everyone.
  • A Family-Sized Camp: We limit our size to 120 campers at a time, and provide 2, 3 & 4 week programs.
  • A Beautiful Setting: Camp Hawthorne is set on the edge of a pristine lake and surrounded by 120 acres of pine forest.
  • Varied Programs and Opportunities: We offer over 20 areas of focus from sailing, water-skiing, sports, drama, stained glass, archery, canoeing, film making, pottery, creative writing, music, wilderness trips, gardening and much more.

What Kids Want

  • A healthy transition from home to camp.
  • A camp community that feels like family.
  • A program that has the correct balance of exciting choices and built-in structure.
  • A down-to-earth camp, to slow down and connect with nature and oneself.
  • A place where they are free to be themselves, without negative peer pressure.
  • A chance to try new things and take healthy risks while making lasting friendships.
  • An awesome time of fun, creativity and adventure surrounded by counselors that are great role models who they love to be with.
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York, Maine
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P.O. Box 160
Raymond, Maine
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